Pine State Coffee Interview with Larz Robinson and Hide Terada

So today we're talking with Lars Robinson and Hide Terada with Pine State Coffee. Pine State is quickly working on their vision of a coffee house, community space, market fusion place. The coffee is awesome. The vibe is awesome. You should check them out for sure. 

Pine State Coffee is located at 1614 Automotive Way. Basically in that area behind the Circus Restaurant on Wake Forest Rd. where the split is to merge onto Capital Blvd. 

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Micah Gaugh Artist, Writer, Musician, Renaissance Man

We interview our bud Micah Gaugh in this week’s episode. He’s basically the master of everything. Really. He’s that good. For more info, check out his website at http://www.micahgaugh.info/

We’re going to have Micah’s art on display (and for sale) for the month of March 2019 at House of Swank (119. E Hargett St, Raleigh NC 27601) Swing by and grab something before it’s gone!

Here’s his bio. It’s pretty bananas.

Micah Gaugh has been drawing all of his life.  His father would bring home GQ magazines from his job and Micah would spend hours drawing clothes from the magazines.  This show is a semi-retrospective of his work. The autobiographical novel 'Seeing in the Dark' will be presented along with jewelry collection created by Trisch Cavaliere and Micah Gaugh.  Also paintings and drawings which encompass Micah's signature style will be on display.  For the opening on March 1st (Raleigh First Fridays) a reading from the novel by the artist will be accompanied by original music by Micah Gaugh and special guest guitarist Jay Booth.  Micah Gaugh has exhibited visual art and made musical installations in galleries all over the world including the Serpentine Gallery (London), White Box (NY), and Gavin Brown (NY) to name a few. Micah Gaugh lives in the East Village New York. 

Sean Kernich Raleigh Mural Artist

This was a fun one. We sat down and talked with our bud Sean Kernick about his road to becoming a mural artist, life as an artist, and Hustle 101. Sean is one of those unreasonable cool folks that sometimes you're lucky to meet. Enjoy. 

You can check out Sean's amazing work at http://seankernick.com/

Sean Kerrick Raleigh Mural Artist.JPG

Getting Started in the Gaming Industry - Joe Kreiner from Epic Games - EP3

Joe Kreiner

I had a great time sitting down with Joe Kreiner from Epic Games for this episode of the Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Podcast. Joe is the Business Development Director for Epic's Unreal Engine, which is the backend powerhouse of bijillions of games. This episode was recorded at State of Beer on Hillsborough St in beautiful downtown Raleigh.

Joe started out in Hardware Development, worked at Texas Instruments straight out of Penn State, and worked his way up the line. He gives some FANTASTIC advice to folks that want to get into the industry about halfway through the interview. In a nutshell

1) Go to school: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, etc

2) Intern and volunteer wherever and whenever you can

3) Be motivated as hell, period. This industry doesn’t reward slackers.

Topics we hit on

Unreal Engine - what the hell is it?

Gears of War, Infinity Blade, Unreal Tournament


Old School Consoles and Games

Vic 20

A super cool book on the Commodore VIC 20

Atari 2600


B17 Bomber - only the greatest video game ever created

Clip of B17 Bomber for the young whippersnappers that never played it.


The Epic last battle between Godzilla vs King Kong (1962)


Dev and Game Scene in and around Raleigh


Temple Run

Red Storm


Mighty Rabbit

Bit Monster


Awesome Restaurants and Clubs in Downtown Raleigh

Capital Club 16




State of Beer

Rebus Works


The Future of Tech

MUST see video of Tim Sweeny (founder of Epic Games) on Human Interaction in Virtual Reality



Props to these Raleigh Fixtures

Walk your City

Downtown Raleigh Alliance

Adam Peele - THE OG Raleigh Tshirt Guy


Who should be next on the podcast?

Naill Hanley - Morgan Street Food Hall, Hibernian, Raleigh Beer Garden, tons of other stuff

Paul Kingman and Cheetie Kumar: The creative duo behind Kings, Garland, and Neptune's (Ben Barfield, I got you too homie!)


Joe Kreiner Contact info




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Auphonic Post Production

Libsyn Podcast Hosting

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How I Started a Brewery with Adam Eckhardt from Crank Arm Brewing

How I Started a Brewery with Adam Eckhardt from Crank Arm Brewing

Today we're talking with Adam Eckhardt from Crank Arm Brewing. Adam gives his background growing up on rural New York, moving to Topsail Beach NC, then to Raleigh NC for work, eventually starting Crank Arm Brewing with his business partners. 

We recorded this episode at Capital Club 16, one of my absolute favorite places in Raleigh. Go there. Order anything. Thank me later. 

Like many entrepreneurs, Adam took a job loss  and turned it into an opportunity. Crank Arm is 4 years old, and already winning awards at the Great American Beer Festival.

Crank Arm Brewing is located at 319 W. Davie St. in the warehouse district in downtown Raleigh. 

Adam's Advice to new brewers: 

1) Get the Joy of Home Brewing book by Charlie Papazian

2) Buy a 5 gallon brew making kit

3) start brewing. Brew some more. Keep doing that

We also talk about finances, passion, backend management, legal stuff, hardest earned business lesson (get it on paper, y'all), Advice for New Business People, Brand Ambassador Programs... There's a BUNCH of stuff crammed into this episode. 

Other topics

BBQ - Tomato vs. Vinegar

Best Wrestlers: Andre the GiantJimmy "Superfly" SnukaThe American Dream Dusty RhodesHacksaw Jim DugganSgt. SlaughterHulk Hogan, and Ric Flair

Peeing on electric fences

Rooster for the Masses band



Folks Mentioned

David Meeker and the Trophy Brewing Crew

Rodney Hines - The No-Hand King of Raleigh

Zack Crain - FREAKER Sock founder


As always, The Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh podcast is sponsored by the House of Swank Clothing Company. House of Swank makes the raddest North Carolina, Raleigh, and Southern themed tshirts on the planet....period. Come visit the shop in BEAUUUTiFUL downtown Raleigh  at 315 S. Bloodworth St , or visit us online at www.HouseofSwankClothing.com. Make sure to use the coupon code RALEIGH and get a Five Dollars off your first order. What a bargain for you!