Getting Started in the Gaming Industry - Joe Kreiner from Epic Games - EP3

Joe Kreiner

I had a great time sitting down with Joe Kreiner from Epic Games for this episode of the Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Podcast. Joe is the Business Development Director for Epic's Unreal Engine, which is the backend powerhouse of bijillions of games. This episode was recorded at State of Beer on Hillsborough St in beautiful downtown Raleigh.

Joe started out in Hardware Development, worked at Texas Instruments straight out of Penn State, and worked his way up the line. He gives some FANTASTIC advice to folks that want to get into the industry about halfway through the interview. In a nutshell

1) Go to school: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, etc

2) Intern and volunteer wherever and whenever you can

3) Be motivated as hell, period. This industry doesn’t reward slackers.

Topics we hit on

Unreal Engine - what the hell is it?

Gears of War, Infinity Blade, Unreal Tournament


Old School Consoles and Games

Vic 20

A super cool book on the Commodore VIC 20

Atari 2600


B17 Bomber - only the greatest video game ever created

Clip of B17 Bomber for the young whippersnappers that never played it.


The Epic last battle between Godzilla vs King Kong (1962)


Dev and Game Scene in and around Raleigh


Temple Run

Red Storm


Mighty Rabbit

Bit Monster


Awesome Restaurants and Clubs in Downtown Raleigh

Capital Club 16




State of Beer

Rebus Works


The Future of Tech

MUST see video of Tim Sweeny (founder of Epic Games) on Human Interaction in Virtual Reality


Props to these Raleigh Fixtures

Walk your City

Downtown Raleigh Alliance

Adam Peele - THE OG Raleigh Tshirt Guy


Who should be next on the podcast?

Naill Hanley - Morgan Street Food Hall, Hibernian, Raleigh Beer Garden, tons of other stuff

Paul Kingman and Cheetie Kumar: The creative duo behind Kings, Garland, and Neptune's (Ben Barfield, I got you too homie!)


Joe Kreiner Contact info


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